Alice Jacklet

Alice Jacklet has been an important professional in the Department of Biological Sciences for nearly three decades. After serving as research technician in cell biology and research assistant in developmental neurobiology for 11 years, she was appointed to her current position as Instructional Support Specialist.

Here she coordinates the laboratories for the General Biology program, keeping well organized a cadre of 500 students and 15 graduate teaching assistants. She coordinates all labs and the lectures, places orders for supplies, monitors inventory, supervises the teaching assistants, designs and preps the labs, writes and illustrates the lab exercises, and generally, say colleagues, keeps the entire operation running smoothly — a far cry from the situation she faced when first taking over the job. Her goal of providing an atmosphere that can inspire students to seek the excitement of discovery and the pleasure of solving a problem is realized time and again.

After more than 25 years she is now prized, not only in the Department of Biological Sciences, but also across the entire campus for her extraordinary energy and determination, excellent organizational skills, and unselfish commitment to students and this institution.

In addition Jacklet has provided to the external community a stellar array of extra- curricular services. This dedication includes service on seven departmental committees, 22 University-wide committees; service to ten student-related organizations, events, committees, and scholastic endeavors; and workshop presentations for nine classes at five Capital Region elementary schools in five different communities.

Besides her outstanding work in teaching and mentoring students, she has contributed significantly professionally, publishing four textbooks and laboratory manuals, authoring or co-authoring five scientific articles, and authoring ten reviews of major works in the field of biology.

The 1998 Excellence Awards
University at Albany
State University of New York