Kathleen Hornberger
Kathleen Hornberger, Keyboard Specialist I in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, is the key support staff person in the annual effort to recruit a superlative freshman class. She plays a major role in the process of transforming 14,500 applications into a freshman class of 2000. She contributes in all ways to this process, from routine tasks to offering ideas on how to do the process better.

Her management of the support areas associated with the Admissions Open Houses of the spring and fall — key elements of the University's overall admissions efforts — is indicative of her level of proficiency. Hornberger manages the entire invitation and registration process, from the management of the invitation database (involving as many as 50,000 mailed invitations), through the reviewing and recording of responses, to the preparing of individualized packets of information and directions. Her superior organizational skills, coupled with excellent people skills, allow each and every visitor to feel individually welcomed.

Hornberger is also the sole clerical support for international student applications, another growing priority for the University. She receives and maintains all international student inquiries and applications and prepares them for review by the professional staff. As she does in other areas, she demonstrates the highest level of service in maintaining a database of inquiries and applications.

Finally, Hornberger shares responsibility for public contact via telephone and receptions. Her customer-service skills contribute greatly to the University's image as a student-centered institution.

The same dedication and energy applied by Hornberger to the "backroom," where applications are put together, is evident at the Admissions front desk, in person, where she gives assistance to prospective students and their families.

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