Eileen D'Alessandro
Eileen D'Alessandro has been an employee at the University since 1984, and since 1994 a Secretary I in the School of Education. Whether she has been involved with scheduling courses, introducing students to department programs, or managing the myriad documents and personal contacts that fieldwork and internships entail, D'Alessandro has performed her duties at a level that far exceeds the requirements for her position.

D'Alessandro makes it possible for faculty and students to focus on their academic and scholarly responsibilities with the confidence that she is taking care of everything else. She has an outstanding work ethic, but also a host of interpersonal skills that are every bit as polished and sophisticated as her office skills. She has developed excellent relationships with the rest of the clerical staff in the department, allowing her to manage work flow with both fairness and efficiency. Furthermore, she is able to motivate the staff in a manner that is supportive and instructive. Often seeking her consultation and input, they find her a consistent and accurate source of information and sound advice.

In addition to her managerial skills, D'Alessandro has considerable talent in organizing large-scale projects that often overwhelm others, such as in drawing up applications for external funding. Her input has been critical to the ease with which the Department of Counseling Psychology has prepared for merger with the Department of Educational Psychology, tackling thorny problems regarding budgets, schedules and other administrative concerns.

D'Alessandro also never stumbles over the challenges of a malfunctioning computer or new equipment featuring programs that are unfamiliar to her. She is known for simply forging ahead with her work, learning as she goes along, with mastery arriving very quickly. Her flexibility in the face of change is a constant greatly appreciated by all her colleagues.

The 1998 Excellence Awards
University at Albany
State University of New York