Eloise Briere
Eloise Briére was appointed to the Department of French Studies in 1984 and since then has made outstanding contributions to the University at many levels. Within the Department of French Studies (now the French Studies program of the Department of Languages, Cultures and Literatures), she served for many years as an academic advisor on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

She has been department coordinator for the University in the High School Program, a supervisor of teaching assistants involved in language instruction, a director of several Ph.D. dissertations, and a faculty participant in all the additional examinations and preparations for the University's M.A. and Ph.D. students in her discipline. She has also been principally responsible for bringing Fulbright visiting scholars, particularly from West Africa, to the campus for a semester or more.

Briére has demonstrated dedication both in the number of committees on which she has served and in the significant contributions she has made to each. Among them are the General Education Committee, College Council, IROW Executive Board, and Advisory Board to the Center for Arts and Humanities. She has also directed dissertations for the Doctor of Arts program in Humanistic Studies, and been advisor to the Haitian Students Association.

Her commitment to interdisciplinary studies and to the advancement of Francophone studies at the University and in the Capital Region is no less firm. She was a founding member of the Franco-American Federation of New York, and served as vice president of both that organization and Action for Franco-Americans in the Northeast. She co-founded a French language program for Albany's elementary school children, and was a member of the Albany Tricentennial Commission, forging exchanges between Albany and Quebec.

In her profession-at-large, she was recently named president-elect of the International Council for Francophone Studies.

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