Excellence Awards: 1996


[Arthur Applebee, Educational Theory and Practice] [Dan Levy, Educational Administration and Policy Studies] [Edward L. Hannan, Health Policy and Management] [Frank Hauser, Chemistry]

[John W. Delano, Geological Sciences] [Helmut V.B. Hirsch, Biological Sciences] [Linda Pershing, Women's Studies] [Louisa Slowiaczek, Psychology]

[Carl G. Martin, Student Services] [Dr. Michael S. Green, School of Education] [Dr. M. Dolores Cimini, University Counseling Center]

[Diane Cardone, Affirmative Action] [Alan Wilson, Custodial Services] [Michele Fox, Arts and Sciences]

[Mary Beth Winn, French Studies] [Bonnie Spanier, Women's Studies] [Stephen Messner, Sociology]

[Judith Place, University Libraries]