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Excellence in Research and Creative Activities

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three faculty members received this tribute in 2014 for Excellence in Research and Creative Activities.

Michael SattingerMichael SattingerEconomics

Economics Professor Michael Sattinger first made his mark in the 1970s and has been consistently productive since, publishing a steady stream of research papers acknowledged by colleagues as very high caliber, addressing fundamental issues to make original and thoughtful contributions of lasting value. His articles are standard items on syllabi in economics and business schools at top universities, and are widely cited by other leading scholars in the field. Dr. Sattinger’s 1979 article in the Oxford Economics Papers is acknowledged as fundamental to understanding the nature of the matching problem in market economies. His argument for a “directed search” framework helped spawn a vast literature in labor economics now recognized as central by Nobel Prize winners such as Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides. Dr. Sattinger’s work contains significant implications for policy problems we face today, exploring how firm-worker matching can generate wage inequality, unemployment, and employment discrimination.

Dr. Sattinger has an international reputation as one of the seminal thinkers in his field. His expertise on labor markets is internationally sought after. His 2013 book “Into the Gap” was commissioned by Randstad, a temporary work agency, to enable managers in labor market matching agencies to understand assignment and matching theory. He has been published in four of the top five journals in economics. Invitations to speak at universities and conferences have come in from around the globe, including presentations at the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies at the University of Amsterdam, the Labor Market Dynamic Growth 2007 Conference in Denmark, as well as at meetings of the American Economic Association and the Society of Labor Economists meeting in Boston.

We are pleased to congratulate Dr. Sattinger on receiving the Excellence in Research and Creative Activities award.

Excellence in Research and Creative Activities

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