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Excellence in Academic Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Two faculty members received this tribute in 2014 for Excellence in Academic Service.

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Professor Anthony DeBlasi’s scholarly, university, departmental and community service contributions are truly outstanding. He has served as Secretary-Treasurer and member of the Board of Directors for the T’ang Studies Society; on the Advisory Board of the State University of New York Press; and as peer reviewer for 5 top journals. He has served the University as Chair of the University Committee on Curriculum and Honors; a member of the General Education Task Force and the President’s Budget Advisory Groups. He has also served as Department Chair and has been both the Assessment and Honors Liaison for years. The sheer volume and the outstanding quality of Professor DeBlasi’s contributions to the university and the community beyond the university stand out among his peers.

But it is important to talk not only about the quantity, but the quality of his service. Colleagues from across the campus agree that when Professor DeBlasi is a member of a committee, he invariably becomes a leader of the group. He is always a team player, and is known to his colleagues for his habit of ‘pitching in’ wherever he is needed. From the early days of his employment in East Asian Studies, his passion for ensuring that students have opportunities to succeed and thrive at UAlbany has made him a driving force in his department and the University. When he serves on a committee or task force, he serves. It is not just that he works very hard, it is how he works that makes Professor DeBlasi particularly effective. He earns enormous good will wherever he goes: he inspires confidence in his competence, and in his honest intent to treat every person and every factor with respect and consideration when trying to find solutions to problems. 

Professor DeBlasi is one of the most devoted, efficient, active, respected members of his department and the university, whose service is exceptionally praiseworthy. This extraordinary professor exemplifies the engaged life of a scholar, a teacher and a citizen. We are proud to celebrate Professor DeBlasi President’s Excellence in Academic Service Award.

Excellence in Academic Service

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Anthony DeBlasi


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