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Excellence in Teaching (Full Time)

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Five faculty members received this tribute in 2013 for Excellence in Teaching (Full Time).

Shu-Han YehShu-Han Yeh, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Ms. Shu-han Yeh teaches as a full-time lecturer in East Asian Studies. Her dedication to students and her passion for language teaching are inspiring to everyone who knows her. Each semester, she teaches three language courses, and then she teaches two additional courses on a voluntary basis!

Students praise Ms. Yeh's patience and efforts to make sure they understand course content. Because she teaches language courses, her classes meet every weekday, yet she still goes well beyond her office hours, regularly meeting students individually outside of class. Students enjoy her classes tremendously, and most of them—inspired by Ms. Yeh—eventually go to China or Taiwan for advanced study.

Students praise Ms. Yeh's high expectations and her insistence that students can do more than they expect of themselves. She is patient and thorough, and succeeds at delivering rigorous and demanding material in ways that resonate with students. 
As one put it: “Sometimes students take a class that they hear is difficult and challenging but worthwhile because of an extraordinary professor. For me, Chinese was that difficult class and Ms. Yeh was that extraordinary professor.” Students have taken part in speech contests and competed for and won scholarships for study abroad programs because Ms. Yeh expected them to be able to do so.

Ms. Yeh shows her devotion to students and student learning in other ways. She has helped establish UAlbany's prestigious study abroad program in Sichuan, China. With an average of 20 students attending every summer, the number of Chinese majors and minors in the department has doubled in the last few years, largely due to her efforts.

She serves as the faculty counselor of the Chinese Student Association. And she has also enrolled in a Ph.D. program on Curriculum and Instruction and expects to earn this degree this year.

Excellence in Teaching (Full Time)

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