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Excellence in Research and Creative Activities

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three faculty members received this tribute in 2013 for Excellence in Research and Creative Activities.

Marina PetrukhinaMarina Petrukhina, Chemistry

Professor Marina Petrukhina is an extremely talented and productive researcher. Her research interests are multi-disciplinary, examining catalysis, materials science and nanochemistry. Her work is at the very forefront of her field: she is creating a new research area, and is recognized nationally and internationally in both the inorganic and organic scientific communities.

Professor Petrukhina has applied fundamental research to practical problems relevant to the environment and energy. She focuses on the chemistry of a new class of carbonaceous molecules. Her recent work—published in the journal Science—established a new paradigm for lithium ion encapsulation, making possible breakthroughs in energy storage and electronics based on novel carbon-based materials.

Her work on portable chemical sensors for hydrocarbon detection has the potential to improve the environment and life for communities. It will lower the cost of construction budgets and improve health and environmental safety through monitoring of hydrocarbons in groundwater and soil.

Since 2001, Professor Petrukhina has attracted over $2 million dollars in external research funds, including a prestigious NSF Career Award. She has published two book chapters; received two patents; written three major reviews; and published 85 articles in top notch scientific journals. In the past year alone, she has published 15 new manuscripts!

She has a world-wide and world-class record of invited lectures and seminars at respected institutions, and professional service as conference chair and editor.

Professor Petrukhina is also known as an excellent mentor: she created a program for training young chemists, and has mentored 15 graduate students, 11 postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists, and over 20 undergraduate students, many of whom have gone on to pursue PhDs at prestigious universities.

She works toward greater participation of underrepresented groups in her research programs: she strongly encourages women and minorities into careers in chemistry and actively seeks funding for them.

Excellence in Research and Creative Activities

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