University at Albany

Excellence in Classified Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. One staff member received this tribute in 2013 for Excellence in Classified Service.

Bernadette SochaBernadette Socha, Music

Ms. Bernadette Socha provides the University at Albany with outstanding skills and a customer service attitude that stands out among her peers.

Ms. Socha is known for her willingness to go above and beyond expectations to help her department, other departments, and the College of Arts and Sciences meet the challenges of administration.

As the sole support staff for the Department of Music, Ms. Socha serves as the primary administrative staff person, bookkeeper, and main contact. She maintains the website, constructs eye-catching recruitment brochures which are displayed in high schools in the region; and prepares creatively designed posters for the Department's Colloquia. She oversees the work-study students, ensuring they are doing appropriate work—and they come back year after year because of the positive experience they have with her.

Her colleagues are in awe of her command of office procedures and her efficiency, thoroughness and professionalism. She has built a beautifully organized and efficient apparatus for helping our students and faculty.

Ms. Socha has designed and presented a workshop for the all-secretary meetings in the College of Arts and Sciences, receiving enthusiastic reviews and grateful thanks from the Dean's Office.

When the Art Department Secretary left her position, Ms. Socha cheerfully added the purchasing and scheduling duties of an entirely new department to her workload until a new secretary could be found! The Chair of Art wrote feelingly “...her aplomb rescued me from panic and kept things moving smoothly even when they had every excuse to fall apart.”

Faculty, students and staff consider Ms. Socha an indispensable member of the College of Arts and Sciences team.


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