University at Albany

Excellence in Academic Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. One faculty member received this tribute in 2012 for Excellence in Academic Service.

Karyn LoscoccoKaryn Loscocco, Sociology

Karyn Loscocco has achieved such an outstanding record of service, it’s hard to list all of her contributions: I’m not even going to come close.  To mention a few:

Karyn chaired the Sociology Department’s Teaching Committee, led the response to Sociology’s external review, and was Sociology Graduate Chair when she explored a dual degree program with historically Black Colleges.

She chaired the Educational Offerings and General Education Subcommittee, taking responsibility for writing a large portion of the university’s Self Study Report over 2 years for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 

She served on the President’s Task Force on Sweatshop Labor, as Research Director, and interim Executive Director for the Center for Women in Government and Civil Society, as affiliate of the College of Arts and Science’s Institute for Research on Women, and affiliate faculty member to the Department of Women’s Studies. She served on the Campus Advisory Committee on Grievances and Arbitration and the Affirmative Action Grievance Panel, was a charter member of the University’s Difficult Dialogues Network and worked on the Gender, Diversity and Wellness subcommittee of the NCAA Recertification Panel. She has served on the editorial boards of 5 journals, and reviewed manuscripts for 14 journals, 7 book publishers and the National Science Foundation.  She has written national reports for the American Sociological Association and served on and chaired many committees for the ASA.

Karyn is particularly talented at uniting diverse voices to create new policies, bringing people to the table even around difficult topics. With the rare gift of seeing an array of possibilities the most ethical, just and strategic way of integrating them, she is unvaryingly cheerful, persistent, and personable as she pushes forward on tough issues.   One colleague noted: “She is a formidable, constructive presence. When she wants to make a point, and has evidence for it, she will not go away!”

What stands out to all who know her is the mentoring Karyn provides to colleagues and students alike. She is regularly approached by students and faculty from many disciplines for professional and personal advice. She assumes this nurturing stance without attention to personal gain or recognition, stepping up as needed to ensure that others live successful lives at UAlbany.  

Karyn is an engaged scholar, a respected colleague, and a valued mentor and friend to many. She clearly merits recognition for all of her outstanding contributions. 


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