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Excellence in Teaching (Full Time)

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three faculty members received this tribute in 2012 for Excellence in Teaching (Full Time).

Glenn DeaneGlenn DeaneSociology

All who know him praise the personal care and mentoring abilities that Professor Glenn Deane brings to his work with students. At the heart of his success is his ability to convey his enthusiasm and present difficult statistical concepts so that his students learn to think critically about sociological research while developing practical skills that can be applied outside the classroom. 
Professor Deane knows that even advanced students approach his classes with trepidation. So, he fosters an informal environment, encouraging active participation and leavening his courses with “a nerdy statistics joke or two”. He stresses application over memorization, and demonstrates abstract concepts with real world data and examples.

He also provides extensive feedback, working individually with students until many leave his classes with research projects that are appropriate for presentation at professional meetings.  One student noted: “I recall my amazement at the time spent by Dr. Deane to drag us up to the level of understanding he expected, spending countless hours meeting with us individually, and even dropping in on our group study sessions regularly to gently steer us out of our collective confusion…I am convinced I learned more from Dr. Deane about what it means to be a responsible, productive, and effective scholar-teacher than I did from any of my formal training.”  Another noted: “I attribute much of my own success as a researcher to the skills I learned in his courses. His teaching has not only provided me with the tools necessary to succeed as a quantitative sociologist, but his pedagogy has served as model for my own teaching.” 

Professor Deane has served as Director of Graduate Studies and member of the department’s Teaching Committee, Graduate Committee, Undergraduate Committee, Graduate Methods Examinations Committee, and the College’s General Education Assessment Committee.

Glenn Deane exemplifies the committed teacher-scholar, who continually explores new research and who encourages students tirelessly and gives them the tools to do their best.

Excellence in Teaching (Full Time)

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Glenn Deane
Susan Gauss
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