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Excellence in Research and Creative Activities

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three faculty members received this tribute in 2012 for Excellence in Research and Creative Activities.

Giri Kumar Tayi, Information Technology Management

‘Prolific’, ‘transformative’,  ‘fundamental’, ‘impactful’,  ‘leading’,  ‘path-breaking’, and ‘pioneering’: these are the words colleagues from across the nation use to describe Professor Giri Kumar Tayi’s contributions to his field.  His work has shaped and influenced several academic areas: He is the rare scholar who crosses academic disciplines and has a lasting impact on multiple fields, including Operations Management, Operations Research, and Information Systems.

Professor Tayi’s area of expertise is data quality and information resource management.  The models he has proposed have provided theoretically grounded methodologies for ensuring the quality of data resources.  His work has transformed the traditional approach to data quality enhancement.  His approaches have shaped academic research in the field, and have become part of the core reading for MBA and PhD level management information systems programs. 

Professor Tayi has been invited to national thought-leadership roles where he conducts research, and guides and mentors scientists in the concepts and techniques of data quality.  He has been co-principal investigator in projects funded by the National Science Foundation, a rare achievement for information systems researchers.  He is a nationally sought-after lecturer, colleague, leader, advisor, reviewer, and editor.  His flair for effective heuristic development to attack practical problems in modern organizations leads to his ability to publish regularly in the leading journals of several disciplines.

Professor Tayi has been recognized with a number of awards, most recently with the Best Associate Editor Award by the editor of Information System Research, the flagship journal of the Information Systems Society. 

He has contributed substantially to the growth of the public stature of UAlbany as a leading research institution, and it is my pleasure to recognize him with the Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Activities this year.

Excellence in Research and Creative Activities

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Giri Kumar Tayi
Information Technology Management

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