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Excellence in Professional Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Two staff members received this tribute in 2011 for Excellence in Professional Service.

Suzanne LanceSuzanne LanceNYS Writers Institute

Ms. Susanne Lance has had a substantial, and heretofore unheralded influence on the culture and quality of life of the University at Albany. She joined the New York State Writers Institute two decades ago after distinguishing herself in other positions, including service to author Toni Morrison during Ms. Morrison’s tenure at UAlbany in the early 1980’s. Ms. Lance is the Writers Institutes’ financial officer, organizational manager, manager of plans and projects, and primary event coordinator. She oversees production of the Institute’s graphics, its media contacts, and the increasingly important management of its media archives, which will make the video and audio tapes of nearly 1000 eminent Institute visitors available to the public in an on-line library. She co-ordinates the appearances of the Institute’s guests which include foremost journalists and science writers, emerging poets, former governors, prominent historians, Nobel Laureates, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists and film and television stars. She coordinates the biennial State Author/State Poet award ceremony. She oversees the Summer Young Writers Institute for high school students. She coordinates efforts to increase support from community organizations and granting organizations from around the state and the nation. Cherished by many at the University, Ms. Lance remains modest and helpful to all who have contact with her. She is affable and comforting. She has the grace to suffer fools and saints alike. She has a gift and talent for doing the right thing, and she has the requisite sense of purpose to reach for often unattainable peaks. In so doing, she leads her colleagues to reach and achieve. Quite simply, she is an inspiration for us all.

Excellence in Professional Service

Suzanne Lance Holly Barker-Flynn

NYS Writers Institute
Holly Barker-Flynn
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