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Excellence in Teaching (Teaching Assistant)

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Two faculty members received this tribute in 2011 for Excellence in Teaching (Teaching Assistant).

Matt VogelMatt VogelInformation Studies

Mr. Vogel has demonstrated excellence in teaching as a TA in Sociology. He works hard to design effective assignments, and provide engaging classroom interaction. He provides multiple types of exercises and assignments and works with students to ensure that they can demonstrate their knowledge and have opportunities to improve. He purposely designs flexibility into his courses to better address their needs. His course materials demonstrate his creativity in evaluating students and challenging them to not just know the material but to develop a deeper understanding through detailed investigations and applications.

Mr. Vogel cultivates a supportive and informal environment that engages students in dialogue. Even in large classes of over 120 students, he makes the classroom a place where all students feel involved and respected. He encourages student excitement, challenging them to think critically. In all of his classes, Mr. Vogel receives student evaluations that are much higher than departmental averages. He goes out of his way to work with students individually: patient with students who struggle and providing more advanced students with additional readings and material to help them continue their development. His high evaluations are not due to showmanship or easy material. They are a reflection of his skill, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

Mr. Vogel is broadly committed to teaching. He served on the SUNY Albany Middle States Evaluation sub-committee on Institutional Assessment and Student learning, and on Sociology’s Teaching Committee, helping to organize teaching workshops each semester. He co-presented a paper at a national conference focused on teaching theories and is always actively working to improve his teaching by attending departmental workshops, those offered by ITLAL, and teaching related talks at national conferences.

Excellence in Teaching (Teaching Assistant)

Dawit Demissie Matt Vogel

Information Studies
Matt Vogel

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