Excellence Awards

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Eighteen faculty and staff members received this tribute in 2009.


Excellence in Teaching (Full Time)

Mary Corrigan   Mitchell Earleywine   Ingrid Fisher   Aida Torres-Hewitt  
Mary Corrigan
Social Welfare
Mitchell Earleywine
Ingrid Fisher
Accounting and Law
Aida Torres-Hewitt
Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Excellence in Teaching (Teaching Assistant)

Elise Bouhet
French Studies
Kristy Thacker
Social Psychology


Excellence in Research

Laurie Feldman   Alan Lizotte   Philip McCallion   Serge Oktyabrsky
Laurie Feldman
Alan Lizotte
Criminal Justice
Philip McCallion
Social Welfare
Serge Oktyabrsky
NanoScience Constellation


Excellence in Academic Service

Kwadwo Sarfoh        
Kwadwo Sarfoh
Africana Studies


Excellence in Professional Service

Janice Bogan   Winifred Kutchukian     Beth Quackenbush  
Janice Bogan
Division of Research
Winifred Kutchukian
University Libraries
Corinna Ripps Schaming
Art Museum
Beth Quackenbush
Research Foundation


Excellence in Support Service

      Rebecca Salinas  
Julie Deden
Suzanne Peplowski
Rebecca Salinas
Media and Marketing


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