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Excellence in Academic Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Two faculty members received this tribute in 2008 for Excellence in Academic Service.

Randall CraigRonald Thomas*, English

Since his arrival in 1981, Professor Randall Craig has made an enormous contribution to the Department of English, the College of Arts and Sciences (and one of its predecessors, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts), and the University at Albany. Without ever drawing attention to himself, and without expecting any recognition, he is the person to whom new Chairs go for counsel, to whom new faculty members go for guidance, to whom administrators go for assistance in staffing crucial committees. Put simply, Randy Craig is a quintessential University citizen. He has served on nearly every major committee and council at every level of the institution, often as chair. The significance and importance of his contribution, however, is not only quantitative but qualitative. He may not often speak, but when he does, people listen: his judgment is always excellent. He knows how to get important and difficult tasks done – always fairly, conscientiously, and effectively. He is an unfailing voice of wisdom and compassion during crisis situations, modeling the qualities and temperament that are the hallmark of excellence in assignments that require extraordinary leadership at critical moments. His Department, College, and the entire University have all benefitted from his experience, his integrity, and his sense of responsibility and citizenship.

*Chancellor's Award Recipient

Excellence in Academic Service

Randall Craig Reed Hoyt
Randall Craig
Reed Hoyt

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