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Excellence in Teaching (Full Time)

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three faculty members received this tribute in 2007 for Excellence in Teaching (Full Time).

Kevin WilliamsKevin WilliamsPsychology

Professor Kevin Williams has been teaching at UAlbany for two decades. He is currently the Department of Psychology's graduate director as well as area head for both the industrial-organizational doctoral program and the social-personality doctoral program. For 11 years he served as the department's director of undergraduate advising. Since joining the faculty, Williams has taught 12 different courses, ranging in size from small doctoral seminars to large lecture courses with more than 200 students. Each semester he also works with 10-20 undergraduate and graduate students on independent study and guided research projects. To date he has served as chair of 20 completed Ph.D. committees and as a member of another 25. Williams is a nationally recognized scholar on motivation and human performance, and he uses that expertise in his approach to teaching, mentoring, and advising. He seeks to get students actively engaged in the learning process, to instill a sense of ownership over their learning, to inspire confidence in their ability to learn, and to demonstrate the utility in what they are asked to learn. His passion for his subject, his love of teaching, and his devotion for students are all reflected in the abundant, positive testimonials and commentary in his nomination dossier.

Excellence in Teaching (Full Time)

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