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Excellence in Professional Service (Full Time)

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three staff members received this tribute in 2007 for Excellence in Professional Service (Full Time).

JoAnne MalatestaJoAnne MalatestaCriminal Justice

As Assistant to the Dean for Student Services, JoAnne Malatesta has demonstrated an amazing dedication to students and has had a tremendous impact on the undergraduate program in the School of Criminal Justice. The location of the school on the University's downtown campus creates a challenge for building connections with the undergraduate student population, which is housed predominantly on Albany's uptown main campus. Yet the individual attention that Malatesta provides, and her dedication to enhancing the college experience, have fostered a sense of community that never existed previously among criminal justice majors. Her efforts in helping the school establish an internship program and in getting a student organization and an honor society underway have also been critical in strengthening the program. Malatesta's initiative, creativity, innovation, and positive outlook make working with her a pleasure for all the faculty and staff, and make her a fine representative of the school across the University and in the community. In addition to fulfilling her job responsibilities, often beyond the call of duty, Malatesta is pursuing a doctorate in criminal justice, and also sits on and actively contributes to several University-level committees.

Excellence in Professional Service (Full Time)

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