Excellence Awards

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Twenty-one faculty and staff members received this tribute in 2007.


Excellence in Teaching (Full Time)

Lotfi Sayahi   Kevin Williams   Alissa Pollitz Worden  
Lotfi Sayahi Languages, Literatures & Cultures Kevin Williams
Alissa Pollitz Worden
Criminal Justice


Excellence in Teaching (Part Time)

Robert McEvoy   Dan White  
Robert McEvoy Public Administration and Policy Dan White


Excellence in Teaching (Teaching Assistant)

Jannette Swanson  
Jannette Swanson


Excellence in Research

Cheryl Frye   David Wills   Jonathan Wolpaw   Kehe Zhu
Cheryl Frye
David Wills
Literatures &
Jonathan Wolpaw
Biomedical Science
Kehe Zhu
Mathematics and Statistics


Excellence in Academic Service

Diane Dewar   Jeryl Mumpower   David Wagner  
Diane Dewar
Health Policy, Management and Behavior
Jeryl Mumpower
Public Administration and Policy
David Wagner


Excellence in Librarianship

Sharona Wachs  
Sharona Wachs
University Libraries


Excellence in Professional Service (Full Time)

Christopher Fernando   Thomas Gebhardt   JoAnne Malatesta  
Christopher Fernando
Student Services
Thomas Gebhardt
University Police Department
JoAnne Malatesta
Criminal Justice


Excellence in Professional Service (Part Time)

Wren Panzella  
Wren Panzella
Art Museum


Excellence in Support Service

Mary Campney   Barbara Ritter   Matthew Van Deusen  
Mary Campney
Professional Development Program
Barbara Ritter
Office of Research Compliance
Matthew Van Deusen
Maintenance, Downtown Campus


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