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Excellence in Academic Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three faculty members received this tribute in 2005 for Excellence in Academic Service.

David DuffeeDavid DuffeeCriminal Justice

Professor David Duffee joined the faculty of the School of Criminal Justice in August 1971. He served as the dean of the school from 1988 through 1995, substantially advancing Criminal Justice's curricular and research development despite persistent state budgetary difficulties.

Two themes run especially strongly through Duffee's faculty service: his selflessness and his leadership in forging ties between the University and the community within his area of scholarship.

One of his nominators wrote: "He is generous with his time, energy, and creativity, which accounts, in part, for the high regard in which he is held by people inside and outside the University. He has a rare facility for bringing people together around problems, and keeping them focused on finding solutions. His commitments to people, projects, and processes tend to be long term; and he invariably leaves them all in better shape than he found them."

The second especially striking feature of Duffee's faculty service is the way in which he has contributed to the community through his scholarly activities. Distinguished Professor Hans Toch wrote: "... his most enduring services have been rendered to the community, and to recipients of community services. In the process, David Duffee has helped define the University at Albany as a responsible partner and resource for practitioners who care and want to make a difference. If anyone in our school stands out as an individual who has contributed to the common good, it is David Duffee."

Excellence in Academic Service

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David Duffee
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