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Excellence Awards

Excellence in Professional Service — 2004

The excellence in Professional Service Award recognizes individuals who have repeatedly sought improvement of themselves and their campus, and have transcended the normal definition of excellence.

Christine BouchardChristine Bouchard
Loyalty, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment are among the most frequently used descriptions for Christine Bouchard, associate vice president for Student Affairs. A product of the University’s undergraduate and graduate systems, Bouchard joined the University in 1982. Her current role is providing leadership for the University’s residence hall operation for approximately 7,000 resident students in 48 residence halls and apartments on two campuses.

“Christine Bouchard’s commitment to our University and the well-being of all students has been the driving force in new initiatives, as well as preserving long-standing campus traditions,” wrote John Murphy, assistant vice president for Student Affairs. “Chris’s enthusiasm and dedication to making our campus a place of which everyone is proud to be a member are unparalleled.”

Bouchard’s supervisors and peers praised her ability to communicate with students and earn their respect. “I have watched Chris give selflessly of her time, energy, and emotion to the students of the University,” wrote Kathryn Lowery, vice president for Finance and Business. “She is always there for the students; she is at every event, no matter whether it might interfere with her personal or professional obligations.”

James P. Doellefeld, vice president for Student Affairs, was especially impressed with Bouchard’s progressive leadership. “Chris Bouchard has provided the creative, dynamic, and assertive leadership required to advance the campus’s agenda pertaining to health, safety, and quality of life for UAlbany students,” he wrote. “Specifically, significant modernization and programming relevance in health services, career development, residential life, and the Vice President for Student Affairs’ office are the direct result of Ms. Bouchard’s vision of excellence, persistence, creativity, and style.”

Arleen deGonzagueArleen deGonzague
Unflappable, efficient and extremely professional, Arleen deGonzague drew high praise from all fronts in nomination for the award for Excellence in Professional Service. “Arleen is the administrator of the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center, and her contributions to the efficient operation of the Center are invaluable,” wrote Dean Julie Horney. “I find her to be the consummate professional. I trust her absolutely to ensure that appropriate processes are followed and that work gets done.”

A staff associate for the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center, she has worked at the University since 1986, and joined the Hindelang Center staff in 1995. While there, she earned a master’s degree in public administration.

Although deGonzague is responsible to each and every one of 13 principal investigators who make up the Hindelang Research Board of Directors, she handles sensitive scientific, budgetary, and personnel information with discretion and professionalism. “To me, this sounds like a position waiting for disaster,” wrote Professor David Duffee, president of Hindelang’s board of directors. “But Arleen has been superb in every respect. The directors collectively have described Arleen’s work as ‘three standard deviations above the norm,’ ‘excellent in all respects,’ ‘responsive to all requests,’ and ‘helpful to students as well as staff and faculty.’ One member said that she makes the budget process transparent to the researchers.”

Known for volunteering her services when she finds a special need, deGonzague has served on various committees, and became a notary public when she saw a need for one at the downtown campus.

“In sum, I have the highest regard for Arleen deGonzague’s contributions to the Hindelang Center and to the University at Albany,” wrote Distinguished Professor Terence Thornberry. “She is a bright, energetic, committed, concerned and caring member of the University’s professional staff. She has made fundamentally important contributions to the Office for Research, and more recently, to the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center.”

Charles RogersCharles Rogers
Known as “the Mayor” for his uncanny ability to build rapport with students and deal with their conflicts, Charles Rogers has served his alma mater as residence director, quadrangle coordinator, assistant director of Residential Life for Judicial Affairs, and as a member of the Physical Plant before moving into his current role as associate director of Residential Life. Employed by the University since 1992, Rogers has a strong work ethic and has established himself as a leader among his peers.

One of Rogers’ primary concerns is building an environment where students feel comfortable discussing their ideas with staff members. “Charles immediately proved to not only be an excellent supervisor, but also an exceptional role model,” noted Clarence McNeill, the associate director of Judicial Affairs. “Besides his infectiously positive and carefree personality, his social interaction and organizational skills were well beyond the skill level of any supervisor I had ever encountered.”

Rogers has been called a team player by many of his peers. “He is a man of great character in every area of his life, and this carries over into the work place,” wrote Shai Brown, assistant director of Residential Life. “It does not matter if he is dealing with a student or with a professional — he consistently gives generously of himself and will exert every effort to help find solutions to any problem.”

Wrote Rogers of his employment with University, “I feel truly fortunate to have had positions at the University that I have enjoyed, and in which I was also a role model for students and staff. Being an alumnus from the University’s Educational Opportunity Program taught me what is achievable when I put the interests of others first.”