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Excellence in Support Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three staff members received this tribute in 2004 for Excellence in Support Service.

Anna RoblesAnna RoblesOffice of Withdrawal and Reentry

As an agency program aide in the Office of Withdrawal and Reentry, Anna Robles meets most students and their families in times of duress, yet she handles these often difficult situations with compassion and patience. Responsible for processing withdrawals, degrees in absentia, leaves of absence and readmissions, Robles is known for finding the right answers for the right situations.

“There is no doubt that Anna functions with our students’ interests as her primary concern,” wrote Dean of Undergraduate Studies Sue Faerman. “Anna works with a number of students who are experiencing great personal difficulties and who must decide whether to withdraw for a semester. In each case, Anna works with the individual student as if he or she were the only student who needed her help. That is, she gives each student personal attention and works closely with others at the University to help determine the best course of action for the individual student.”

Another constituent noted, “Anna always made the student’s problem herproblem, and would try to find a solution to the problem, using a departure from the University as a last result.”

Employed by the University since 1970, Robles used her experience to maintain an efficiently functioning office on two occasions when the director’s position was vacant. She was instrumental in developing a brochure on the withdrawal process, and is taking the lead on the PeopleSoft project. “Ms. Robles has been at the forefront of both learning PeopleSoft and making suggestions on how the new software can better implement current policies, as well as provide reports that will assist the various administrative offices and our students,” wrote Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies Dan Smith.

Held in high esteem by her supervisors, co-workers, and constituents, Robles is known for her dedication to University students. Her nominating committee pointed out that Robles’s initiative and ability not only meet but surpass all expectations.

Excellence in Support Service

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