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Howard Stratton

Howard Stratton

The Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty members for their skill, innovation, and dedication to teaching and academic advising.

Although the field of biostatistics includes difficult subject matter, Howard Stratton makes it exciting for students at all levels, including majors and non-majors. He is one of the most respected members of the Department of Biometry and Statistics in the School of Public Health and is one of that department’s primary doctoral student mentors.

Stratton has been a full professor at the University for 13 years. He was also an associate professor at UAlbany from 1972 to 1990, and an assistant professor here from 1967 to 1970. In addition, he taught at the University of California, Irvine, from 1966-67; at the University of Arizona from 1971-72; and at Albany Medical College. Stratton is the author or co-author of 39 books and articles in his field.

Stratton is also one of the most honored researchers and teachers at the University. He was the recipient of the National Institute of Health, General Medical Sciences, Career Research Development Award in 1975-80 and has earned numerous grants, including $20,000 for the New York component of the Federal OASAS Survey to evaluate the comparison of Fee for Service vs. Medicare for effectiveness of drug treatment, and $137,354 as an investigator on evaluations of current means to detect Medicaid fraud. He was a co-investigator on a $200,000 grant to assess barriers to retention of WIC participants and was the co-principal investigator on several grants to the Albany Medical Center Head Injury Research Center from the National Institutes of Health.

Extremely service oriented, Stratton chairs the new Distance Learning Committee and also serves on the Student Affairs Committee. But he is most proud of his work as an educator. According to School of Public Health Dean Peter Levin’s nominating letter, Stratton often keeps late hours to accommodate students who cannot attend his office hours because of personal or work commitments. He is known for “shutting off the lights” in the school. “Both majors and non-majors who have taken a course with him generally consider him to be the best professor they have ever had here,” wrote Levin. “For the School of Public Health, Howard Stratton is the go-to professor in Biometry and Statistics. He teaches students in other departments, lectures in courses in other departments, and provides many students consultation on their master’s and doctoral projects. Simply put, he is always teaching.”

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