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Steven Seidman

Steven Seidman

The Award for Excellence in Research recognizes outstanding research and scholarship by members of the faculty over a sustained number of years.

A cultural sociologist with expertise in sexuality and social theory, Steven Seidman is a noted researcher and author. He has written or edited 15 books, published 23 book chapters, and had his work translated into seven different languages. In his role as a book editor for the Cambridge University Press series on Cultural Social Studies, Seidman has been responsible for publishing more than 40 volumes.

Seidman has also edited two separate book series, including Liberalism and the Origins of European Social Theory. In the series, he outlines the Enlightenment and Romantic origins of sociology in France and Germany. He reinterprets the classical sociological tradition by showing how their ideas combine both a quest for scientific knowledge and a moral-political struggle for a just society.

Seidman has also studied sexual patterns and conflicts, the social history of romantic love and sexuality in America, the social construction of the AIDS crisis and the changing social meanings of gay identities. His most recent book, Beyond the Closet: The Transformation of Gay and Lesbian Life, acknowledges that the struggle for gay equality is still incomplete. He makes a convincing case that the transformation of gay and lesbian life is an important part of a movement to craft a multicultural national identity.

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