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Cheryl Savini

Cheryl Savini

Office for Sponsored Programs Research Compliance Administrator Cheryl Savini has worked diligently for the University since she was a part-time clerk in the Compliance Office from 1991-1994. Savini became administrative secretary of the Compliance Office in 1994, and in 1996, her responsibilities expanded when two positions were consolidated. She took over several development duties, including working on the Accent on Research newsletter, becoming a liaison for sponsors for funding information, and providing computer graphic and handout support.

After becoming the Interim Research Compliance Officer in 1999-2000, Savini assumed her current administrator duties, which include overseeing the Institutional Review Board and BioMedical Review Board, voting on both boards, providing advisement to investigators, conducting class lectures on human research protections, and nominating and training of Institutional Review Board members. Savini also supervises the training and education of researchers and the University community at large. She supervises the compliance secretary and is a liaison between the boards and investigators.

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