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Dale Morse

Dale Morse

The Award for Excellence in Research recognizes outstanding research and scholarship by members of the faculty over a sustained number of years.

Dale Morse is a national and international expert in infectious disease epidemiology, and his research has had a profound effect on public health. The main focus of his research has been on major causes of communicable diseases and methods of preventing the spread of food-borne diseases, vaccine-preventable diseases, tuberculosis, and HIV.

Morse is often called upon to advise public health officials on major multi-state outbreaks. He is usually consulted for advice when the interpretation of results is particularly difficult and the result of action or non-action is significant. Among his most noteworthy contributions was his work in helping New York to become the first state to require a two-dose vaccine schedule to prevent measles after his research found that many students who developed measles during an epidemic had received only a single vaccination.

Recently, Morse’s research has stretched to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Funded by the Fogarty International grants, Morse has supported young physicians’ attendance at the University at Albany to earn master’s degrees in epidemiology. His training of such students has included developing research programs to be used in their home countries.

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