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Carol Lee Anderson

Carol Lee Anderson

The Award for Excellence in Librarianship recognizes extraordinary achievement and dedication in library science. This year, the University honors Carol Lee Anderson for her excellence in this category.

A master reference librarian and scholar who is also known for her service to the University and her profession, Carol Lee Anderson has worked at the University for the last 23 years, including the last 13 as an associate librarian. Anderson previously served the University as a senior assistant librarian in Access Services from 1980-1990. Before that, at the University of Oklahoma, she was an analyst instructor for the Acquisitions and Interim Systems office from 1976-1978, as well as an assistant professor of Access Services from 1978-1980. Anderson began her career as a graduate assistant in the Acquisitions Department of the Ellis Library at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1974.

An expert at both print and electronic library resources, Anderson took a leadership role in the reorganization of the University Librariesí physical reference area and the Strategic Planning Initiative. She supervised the shift of a 50,000-book collection from one wing to another, and chaired a committee that developed plans to fill the empty wing. She has also helped develop and run an internship program where she designed the training.

Anderson has served on numerous committees, and has participated in several University governing bodies, including the University Senate. One of her pet projects was serving on a task force to study the quality of campus food. Anderson has been an active member and officer of the American Library Association since 1975, and has been involved with both the New York Library Association and the State University of New York Library Association.

In addition to keeping current in her profession by attending seminars and conferences, Anderson is pursuing a masterís degree in educational psychology. She is an instructor of many of the University Librariesí user education sessions and has written many articles and book chapters on training library staff.

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