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Excellence in Support Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Three staff members received this tribute in 2002 for Excellence in Support Service.

Nancy DameEleanor J. LeggieriPolitical Science

Department of Political Science Secretary I Eleanor J. Leggieri has been called “the heart and soul” of the department by her colleagues. Not only is she responsible for her normal duties as the department’s secretary, but she has also taken on numerous activities that were once the responsibility of the assistant dean, including course packet preparation, evaluations, purchasing, and student recruitment correspondence. Additionally, she has assumed the duties of administrative assignments for the college’s Honors Convocation and a number of Commence-ment Weekend activities.

The nominating committee believes that “Leggieri exemplifies the ideal University employee – one who excels at her job, shoulders her load with unflappable good humor, and strives to enhance the relationships among students and faculty. Her many services to the department and the University deserve our recognition.”

Leggieri has worked in the department since 1989. She has an intricate knowledge of the University and its administrative channels, and she manages the work of the department from processing forms to handling questions about graduate programs. She provides continuity to the office.

Leggieri is known as a team player and a conscientious participant who offers salient advice and analysis on issues of concern to the University. She is committed to getting things done, often working through her lunch hour, staying late, or coming in on weekends to accomplish her tasks. She has been particularly helpful to students, who praise her for providing support at stressful times in their lives. Leggieri has been known to help students register for classes while out of the country, and she answers a wide range of administrative questions from new teaching assistants and adjunct faculty. Considered an ambassador for the department, Leggieri is always available to work with students and to guide them through the maze of rules and regulations.

Excellence in Support Service

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Judy Coleman
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