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Excellence in Academic Service

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Two faculty members received this tribute in 2001 for Excellence in Academic Service.

David McCaffreyDavid McCaffreyPublic Administration and Policy

A tireless and versatile leader in the University’s Department of Public Administration and Policy for nearly 20 years, David McCaffrey also continues to be one of its most sought-after doctoral student mentors, as well as an outstanding teacher. Professor McCaffrey has served his department in a variety of roles since the early 1980s, including acting as its chair from 1986 through 1989.

McCaffrey stepped forward to serve as the doctoral program director on two separate occasions, from 1983–86 and 1991–92, and he accepted the call to direct the MPA three times, from 1992–93, 1995–96 and 1999 to the present. During his tenure as director of the MPA program, he has overseen and contributed to the revisions of its core and field requirements. Despite his time constraints as an administrator, McCaffrey’s students praised him for his accessibility and his helpfulness.

Service to the University, his department, and to his academic profession have been McCaffrey’s calling card. He served as the Silver Anniversary Steering Committee co-chairman from 1996–98, was a member of the Programs Task Force in 1999–2000, and was also a member of the Task Force on Mission Review and Honors Initiatives. Additionally, McCaffrey earned the Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 1999. Since 1998, Professor McCaffrey has served on the University Senate, where he is now the chairman, and he was a member of the CPCA from 1998 through 2000. He has also served as Program Chair and Division Chair of the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management, and was a member of the University Council in 1999–2000. He was a co-editor of a special issue of the Academy of Management Journal.

Excellence in Academic Service

David McCaffrey Charles Rougle
David McCaffrey
Public Administration and Policy
Charles Rougle
Languages, Literatures and Cultures

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