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Excellence in Librarianship

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. One staff member received this tribute in 1998 for Excellence in Librarianship.

Geoffrey WilliamsGeoffrey WilliamsUniversity Libraries

This year's award is presented to Geoffrey Williams, University Archivist, who joined the University Libraries in 1987. Williams' reputation as the archivist/chronicler of Albany's history is widely admired at the University, and covers his superior performance in librarianship skill, service to the University and his profession, and scholarship and continuing professional growth. Added to that is his enthusiasm, energy, and wide-ranging knowledge in his field.

His talents were much in evidence in 1994 when he contributed significantly to the historical materials used by Professor Kendall Birr in writing the University's sesquicentennial publication, A Tradition of Excellence 1844 to 1994. His strong leadership in archive management, dedication to the needs of University clients, development of public exhibits, campus publications, and slide presentations, as well as his renown as a public speaker, are based on his exceptional talents and vast experiences as a premier archivist.

Williams has served the University Libraries on more than 14 committees, many times as chair, and has participated in at least ten university-wide committees, councils and programs. He has provided service to SUNY, New York State institutions, seven national, regional and Capital Region professional organizations, and several local committees in his home community. He is widely respected by peers across the state and country for his ability to bring to fruition the theoretical concepts only talked about on a national level.

Williams excels also in the area of scholarship and continuing professional growth. He is the author or co-author of seven national publications, and his research and writing have resulted in 14 workshops and presentations at professional meetings as well as consultancies. Additionally, he is an active member in seven professional organizations, including the Society of American Archivists.


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