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Excellence in Librarianship

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. One staff member received this tribute in 1996 for Excellence in Librarianship.

Judith PlaceJudith PlaceUniversity Libraries

The bibliographer for the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies and the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and adjunct professor in the latter, Judith K. Place joined the University in 1971. She has been praised by colleagues for tremendous intellectual curiosity and an extraordinary grasp of bibliographic and reference skills. Few librarians possess Place's interest and expertise in reference sources as well as a talent for integrating them so effectively in the classroom. Always welcoming change and innovation, she strives to increase and improve clientele services, creating a highly efficient, contemporary research environment. Place plays a key role in planning for the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Studies because of her intense understanding of the culture of Latin American and Spain. She collaborated with Distinguished Professor Manuel Alvar on his book Silva de varia leccion, and has completed numerous translations, indices and reviews of Spanish/Portuguese literature. As a bibliographic consultant to Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, a translator for the State Education Department, and consultant for the Center for Legislative Development/US Aid Panama, she has earned international recognition.


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