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Excellence in Research

Each year, the University at Albany honors special members of its community with Excellence Awards denoting exceptional contributions to the life of the campus. Four faculty members received this tribute in 1996 for Excellence in Research.

Frank HauserFrank HauserChemistry

Frank Hauser is an internationally recognized leader in the discovery and development of synthesized natural products. Over a more than 25-year career, he and his students have been remarkably successful in synthesizing several potent, clinically promising anti-cancer and antibacterial agents. This body of research has provided a foundation for further work on synthetic methods by other pharmaceutical researchers. Hauser's ground-breaking work on the development of the first method for isomer-specific preparation of intermediates has facilitated the preparation of a new class of antibiotics called dynamycins, which are now entering clinical trials. His more recent research is aimed at reducing the cost of synthesizing Calphostin D. a substance involved in controlling the replication and differentiation of cells. Since joining the faculty 10 years ago, he has published 22 papers, including review articles in the most prestigious U.S. journals, and received more than $3 million in continuous external funding to support his research.

Excellence in Research

Arthur Applebee Daniel Levy Edward L. Hannan Frank Hauser

Educational Theory and Practice
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Edward L. Hannan
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Frank Hauser

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