New Faculty for 1995-96
Shirley Chang - East Asian Studies

As a lecturer and teacher before coming to Albany, Shirley Chang, the University's newest professor in the Department of East Asian Studies, has helped students learn the language of modern Chinese. Now, at Albany, she welcomes the additional opportunity to explore with students the sublime illustration of both modern and classical Chinese — its literature.

Specifically, Chang's main research focus has been on the classical fiction chuanqi (literally "the recording of the extraordinary") of the Tang Dynasty, which lasted from 618 - 907 A.D. She is also interested in modern Chinese fiction and short stories written in classical Chinese language.

"Albany is a very good school with a strong department of East Asian studies in all respects," said Chang, who will teach classes this semester in Intermediate Chinese and Modern Chinese literature and translation.

Chang said she has been pleased to find that "the students here show a lot of enthusiasm in class," and that the department faculty have been "extremely supportive."

She is currently working on a book of stories dealing with "The Others," a presentation of the unconventional characters in Tang Dynasty chuanqi. Included these figures are colorful female warriors of that era.

Chang taught at Harvard University for six years before coming to Albany. She re-ceived her master's de-gree from the University of Iowa in 1984 and her Ph.D. from the Uni-versity of Wisconsin at Madison in 1993, both degrees in Chinese literature.

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