Robert Yagelski - English

Robert Yagelsky says "computers enhance the teaching of reading and writing." He will continue with this focus in his new position in the University's Department of English.

Yagelsky's research interest is the understanding or conception of literacy and "how it effects the way we teach reading and writing." His most recent study has been to examine how Computer Mediated Communica-tion (CMC) complicates the way we understand literacy.

"I'm exploring how technology affects how literacy gets done," he said.

Yagelsky has published articles in a variety of academic journals such as Rhetoric Review. He has also published a children's book and was a freelance writer before he began teaching.

This semester he is teaching a graduate course in composition theory, in addition to being director of the Writing Center. Next semester he will teach an undergraduate course in the new writing sequence.

Citing his reasons for wanting to be a part of the University faculty, Yagelsky said he wanted to be involved in a Ph.D program that he sees as "innovative and progressive. It reflects the changes happening in the field at large and I wanted the opportunity to be a part of that." He also said Albany "has a diverse student population and is committed to public education."

Yagelsky taught at Purdue University for four years before arriving at Albany. He received his Masters at the University of New Hampshire and Ph.D at Ohio State. He has been a professor for 12 years.

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