New Faculty for 1995-96

Amy Lee

Amy Lee hopes to "break boundaries between the world in the classroom and the world outside" and thinks a good place to accomplish this is in her new position as assistant professor in the University's Department of English.

Lee's research focus has been mainly on pedagogies — theories and methods about teaching and learning — of critical composition. "Pedagogies encourage students to be critical and reflective thinkers and writers," she said.

Lee is also working on a series of grants to fund research and writing and ways to integrate the two. Discussing her next research project, Lee said it will be "to study the relationship between how writing is taught in the classroom and students' understanding of themselves in broader social and political systems."

Among the courses Lee is teaching this semester is one on rhetoric and poetics, a course in the English department's brand new writing sequence. Next semester she will teach a course in which students do community service as writers. "I hope to establish a liasion between non-profit agencies and my writing classes," she said.

Citing her reasons for coming to Albany, Lee said she was drawn to the University's "diverse" administration, saying it "includes many women in high power positions and is representative of different ethnic groups." She also chose Albany for the opportunity to work with its "extraordinary" faculty members in the field of composition.

Lee taught at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst for five years before coming to Albany. She received her masters there, followed by her Ph.D. this spring.

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