CELAC Review Draws Scholars to Study Latin American, Caribbean, Latino Issues

A new quarterly magazine produced at the University is attempting to play a leadership role in keeping academia abreast of the research, publications, and issues that are shaping the field of Latino Studies.

The Latino Review of Books: A Publication for Critical Thought and Dialogue, a twice-yearly publication of the Center for Latino, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, focuses on the Latino population in the U.S. and its transnational connections among the diverse immigrant groups and their Latin American and Caribbean countries of origin, and offers a forum for critical thought and dialogue.

"The Review draws on the expertise of a wide network of scholars and activists in the United States and internationally," said Edna Acosta Belén, distinguished service professor in the departments of Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Women's Studies, director of CELAC, and co-editor of the Review with Carlos E. Santiago, professor in the departments of Latin American and Caribbean Studies and Economics, and chair of the Department of Latin American Studies.

In their introduction to the first issue, which came out in late Spring (it will have a Spring and Fall release schedule) the editors wrote that they hope to "transcend or redefine the conventional boundaries that have constrained our study and understanding of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean and their counterpart Latino populations living in the United States.

"Among the fundamental issues we would like to explore are the many ways in which the Americas are being bridged and how national borders are being surpassed by existing transnational connections between the countries of origin and their respective U.S. diasporas."

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