United Way/SEFA Campaign Opens:
Seeks Inclusiveness, Commitment to Fill Public Need

The 1995 United Way/SEFA campaign has begun, with a campus goal of $80,000.

"It is a number that is an achievable goal given the size and capacity of the University at Albany," says William Hedberg, assistant vice president in the Office of Academic Affairs and campus administrative coordinator for the campaign. "The need is great, particularly given the reductions in other sources of support that CEFA and other United Way agencies are having to absorb this year.

"We had more than 600 employees contribute to last year's effort. And we are looking for those who gave in the past to continue to do so, and for others to join."

Assisting Hedberg this year is a network of 15 campus campaign coordinators from each of the schools, colleges and other major units of the University.

"The coordinators will be available to speak with the campus community and answer any questions about United Way/SEFA," said Hedberg. "The campaign certainly seeks to insure that every member of the University at Albany family has an opportunity to consider making a contribution at any level."

Donald J. Reeb, who is faculty coordinator this year, added that "while the amount of individual donations is important, we regard the number of donors who participate as equally significant. It reflects an expression of the commitment of the campus to the larger community of which we are a part."

Once again, payroll deduction will be a convenient method of giving. Either by that method or by lump sum through a check, donations can be targeted to a variety of agencies located in the Capital Region.

Approximately 95 percent of all money donated goes directly to the social service agencies affiliated with the campaign.

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