Bread and Roses Winners Celbrated

The Womenís Concerns Committee of the University Commission for Affirmative Action will host the 12th Annual Spring Celebration on Thursday, April 18, from 3-5 p.m. at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, 411 State St. in Albany.

The enitre University is once again invited to attend. The Celebration includes the presentation of the Tenth Annual Bread and Roses Awards and the address by this yearís Distinguished Speaker, Shirley Jones of the School of Social Welfare.

Bread and Roses award winners for 1996 are Lisa-Anne Donohue of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, Judith Saidel, Executive Director of the Center for Women in Government, and Nancy Soanes of the Public Safety Department.

The Bread and Roses awards are given every year by the Council of Womenís Groups in order to honor the men and women who have made extraordinary contributions on behalf of gender equity and/or have enhanced the quality of life for women at the University. As the University becomes a better place for the women on campus, it also becomes a better place for everyone on campus. Therefore, again, everyone is invited and encouraged to attend this yearís Celebration.

Judith Saidelís contributions in advancing the quality of life for women reach far beyond her role at Rockefeller College. She serves on the board of directors for the National Council for Research on Women, and served on the Governorís Task Force on Sexual Harassment Prevention from 1991 to 1993. A contributor nationally to the field of research on the employment of women, she has created an outstanding and comfortable working environment for her all-female staff at the Center and provides mentoring to every single member of her staff, from research director to college work-study student. She has also been involved in Initiatives for Women from its earliest stages.

Lisa-Anne Donohue and Nancy Soanes have worked as a team for over ten years on the Executive Committee of the Presidentís Task Force for Womenís Safety. Neither works in the spotlight, but both contribute the type of effort that makes a crucial difference to the quality of life for University women.

Donohue, an Albany alumna, has been a chemical safety officer the University since 1982. She writes the Annual Report for the Task Force and she also has served as Task Force chair. Soanes has worked with Public Safety for more than 25 years, the past 12 as an administrative aide. Her presence at the UPD helps to insure that issues of womenís safety, gender equity and the quality of life for campus women are always given full attention and consideration by all at Public Safety. She has been the secretary for the Task Force for more than a decade.

Jonesís talk will be on "Women Supporting Women: A Global Concern." A Distinguished Service Professor in the School of Social Welfare, she is an expert on the needs or rural families and on community development. She had written papers for the U.N on housing policy and she attended the International Conference on Women in Beijing, China, as year.

A reception will follow her speech.

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