Das Invited to Advance Science and Cooperation Around the World

The past year has been a rich one for Tara Prasad Das, of the Department of Physics, with a list of awards and honors that extend around the world.

Invited as a visiting Professor, Das spent six weeks this summer at the Physik Institute at the University of Zurich in Switzerland lecturing on "Theory of Structure and Properties of High Temperature Superconductors." Das is currently collaborating with Professor Brinkmann of the University of Zurich, who spent his sabbatical leave at the University at Albany in 1994, working on a book on this subject.

Das also traveled to India this past August as the Invitation to Jawaharlal Nehru Chair at the University of Hyderabad, a position offered in order to enable distinguished academicians to lecture and interact with faculty and students.

Earlier this year, Das accepted an invitation and participated in the Alite 95 Workshop in Arlie, Virginia in February. The workshop, entitled "Industry and Government Co-Sponsored Workshop on Pre-Competitive Research in the Basic Science of Commercial Light Sources" was designed to bring together pre-eminent researchers from universities in North American and Europe and an equal number of scientists from private industry and government to update all on the current state of the art in lighting technology, to provide an avenue for them to explore interdisciplinary research programs that could lead to breakthroughs, and to jointly establish specific programs for collaborative efforts with industries involved in lighting resources.

Finally, Das plans to visit Japan during the summer of 1996 as a recipient of the Eminent Scientist of RIKEN Award. RIKEN is the acronym of the Japanese name for The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, the leading national laboratory of Japan. The award's purpose is to increase links with the international research community, through the presence of outstanding scientists such as Das, conducting research in collaboration with RIKEN researchers.

Das currently has an active collaborative program ongoing between his research group at the University and that of Professor K. Nagamine of the University of Tokyo, RIKEN, and the High Energy Accelerator Program in Tsukuba, Japan.

The Ph.D. work of three of Das's past students were partially based on these joint projects.

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