Nov. 17, 1999




Fall Progress
    Western Avenue Renovations: The University has begun renovation work on two office buildings on Western Avenue near the campus. The structures are being renovated to accommodate about 300 University staff and student employees whose offices are now in the Administration Building, and who are scheduled to move out of that space next spring. Work will then begin to convert the Administration Building into academic space for the College of Arts and Sciences beginning next June. The Western Avenue buildings, located at 2 University Place and 1215 Western Ave., will have completely renovated interiors, new floor plans, carpeting and paint. The work, which is being done by Picotte Companies, is due to be completed by next April. Two University Place, which is owned by the University, is a three-story building with 42,982 square feet, while 1215 Western Ave. is four stories with 63,495 square feet. The University is leasing 1215 Western Ave. The Administration Building project is to be bid in the spring of 2000, with completion tentatively scheduled for September of 2002. The total budget for that project is $8,068,500.

    Campus Center Upgrades, Renovations: The food court area of the Campus Center now offers a rotisserie chicken outlet similar to Boston Chicken, while plans also call for installation soon of an upscale coffee shop and a Citibank ATM installation. The upgrades are part of an effort by University Auxiliary Services and Sodexho Marriott to expand services to students and other members of the University community, according to UAS Director Julia Filippone. The project, now under way, includes moving the computer store from its current location to what was previously the game room. The Citibank outlet will also be located in this space. A hairstyle salon will be moved into the ACC office on the first floor of the Campus Center. A coffee house, to be run by Sodexho Marriott, will then be located in the space created by those two moves. In addition, a Strutters chicken outlet has taken the place of the former Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets. UAS hopes to have the computer store, hair salon and Citibank installations done by the start of the spring semester, with the coffee house to be in operation shortly after that. Architect Jed Santarone of the Sodexho Marriott design and development office is overseeing the $500,000 project.

In a Campus Center project completed early this fall, part of the third floor was reconfigured to create better meeting room space. The $35,000 project, funded by the Division for Student Affairs, enlarged Room 337, on the east side of the third floor, to make it nearly as large as the Campus Center's Assembly Hall, with space to accommodate 125 people. Two additional smaller rooms were also created, along with space for the Office of Judicial Affairs, which is part of Student Affairs. The reconfiguration created space for three new student groups on the west side of the third floor. Occupancy rates for the new meeting rooms are in excess of 75 percent.

     Roller Rink, Skating Rink: The University has received bids to pave an area south of Indian Quad and east of the tennis courts for a roller rink for intramural roller hockey. The contractor, Callanan Industries, expects to complete the $25,000 project later this month. Plans are also under way to install a rink, 88 feet by 201 feet, south of the Humanities Building for recreational ice skating this winter.

    Professor Peter Duchessi of the School of Business is the winner of the raffle conducted on behalf of the State Employees Federated Appeal (SEFA) and United Way Campaign. Duchessi won a UAlbany reversible jacket and season's basketball tickets. He is shown accepting the jacket from Candace Griffith, the University's coordinator of the fund-raising effort. Griffith said, "The United Way Campaign would like to thank the University bookstore and RACC for generously donating these prizes. Their thoughtful contributions on behalf of this appeal are greatly appreciated." The United Way Campaign will continue through Monday, Nov. 22. "If you have not yet been able to participate, there is still time to make a donation to this worthwhile cause," Griffith said. This year's campaign has proven to be very successful. So far, 15% of the University community has participated in the campaign, raising a total of $65,966. Griffith said the campaign is striving to reach its goal of a participation rate of 18%. "A special thanks to all of our department representatives whose assistance during this campaign proved invaluable and thanks to everyone who made donations," 
she concluded. 
Photo by Mark Schmidt

  The Albany District Links presented a gift of $2,500 to the Seth Spellman Scholarship. From left are Links members Paula Rollins, Eleanor Baker, Marjorie Rush, Links President G. Nannette Ashe, Vice President for University Advancement Robert Ashton, and Torin Spellman, son of Seth and Delores Spellman. 
Photo by Mark Schmidt

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