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volume 24, Number 7, November 30, 2000


New Faculty

Africana Studies Internship

Kellogg Leads CASDA

Employee Recognition Honorees 2000

Recruiter Visits December 7 & 8

AVAX Technologies, Inc.

Campus Fire

December Graduates Assembly

UAlbany Enrolls Record Number of International Students
Nine hundred and twenty-three international students enrolled at UAlbany this fall, setting a new record. This surpasses last year’s number of 889, also a record. According to Steve Thomson, interim director of the Office of International Education, the past decade has been one of almost steady growth in this area. Full Story

NYS Writers Institute at UAlbany Names State Author,

Kurt Vonnegut has been named the new State Author for New York and John Ashbery, the new State Poet, the New York State Writers Institute announced recently. Vonnegut will receive the New York State Edith Wharton Citation of Merit for fiction writers and Ashbery will receive the New York State Walt Whitman Citation of Merit for po-ets. Governor George Pataki is expected to present the awards at a ceremony early next year. Full Story

Synergetics Develops New Technology at East Campus
A new research and development company at the University at Albany’s East Campus is developing a technology that may revolutionize the way small particles are identified. This new approach to particle characterization can have a strong impact on a wide range of applications - from processing of ceramic nanopowders to measuring and identifying environmental pollutants. Full Story

Carpenter Publishes Article on Health Effects of PCBs
To dredge or not to dredge? That is the question this fall, as New York State awaits a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ruling on whether or not General Electric should be required to remove polyphenol bichlorides (PCBs) from the Hudson River. Full Story

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Percentage of International Student Representation by Region (Fall 2000)

Asia 67.46%
Europe 21.02%
North America 3.30%
Africa 2.00%
South America 2.00%
Middle East 1.60%
Central America & Caribbean 1.40%
Oceania 0.01%

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