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volume 25, Number 9, January 31, 2002

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Ray Falconer Remembered

Logan On Segregation

Frankie Bailey's Dead Man's Honor

UAlbany and Cyprus

19th Annual Sexuality Week

X-ray Optical Systems

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Author William Kennedy’s Roscoe Opening to Rave Reviews
Pulitzer Prize-winning author William Kennedy’s eighth novel [and seventh in the Albany cycle], Roscoe (Viking, $24.95), is a hit with literary critics. Full Story

Impact of 9/11 on UAlbany Students Assessed
Last September, millions of people watched as television broadcast, live, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Now, a survey of nearly 500 UAlbany undergraduates by Center for Stress and Anxiety Disorders Director Edward B. Blanchard and graduate student Eric Kuhn, B.A. ’91, indicates that the mass “vicarious witnessing” of the events had a tremendous psychic impact on the students -- and that impact is likely to be reflected in the general population. Full Story

Kathy Turek Named to Head IFW
Kathy Turek has been named by Provost Carlos Santiago as the new chair of the Initiatives For Women (IFW) Steering Committee. She succeeds Carol Bullard, who served as chair for the last two and a half years. Full Story

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