McCall on Leadership

Kathleen Kendall, professor in the Department of Com-munication, was intrigued when she read that State Comp-troller Carl McCall would not attend the Million Man March because its Louis Farrakhan did not qualify as a "hero."

His definitions of heroism seemed close to the concept of leadership she was discussing in her course "Human Curriculum: Language and Social Action." McCall was glad to accept her invitation to address the class on the subject.

His examples of the four prerequisites for leadership were bipartisan to say the least: communication skills (Ronald Reagan); a good listener (Gov. George Pataki in the '94 campaign); willingness to make hard choices (Bill Clinton with Bosnia); and ability to organize people (Newt Gingrich). But the great leader, he said, must also have integrity (Nelson Mandela) and vision (Martin Luther King Jr.).

Said Kendall: "The students were captivated."

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