Paul Miesing

School of Business Gets GE Fund Grant

The School of Business has been awarded a $60,000 grant the General Electric Fund to develop a model course that will break away from traditional teaching methods. According to Paul Miesing of the School’s management department, who will lead the project, the course will use technology to "demonstrate how the very technologies that impact today’s ever-changing corporate operations can also deliver business education.

"Now is the time for us to meet our own challenge for change in business education by systematically integrating into our instructional programs the many positive and powerful tools available to us to put technology to constructive use," Miesing said.

The model class, "The Social, Political and Ethical Dimensions of Business," will be designed to use information technology in such a way that each student will be accountable for his or her own learning. The class will introduce two new technologies — Lotus Notes and the Internet — to create a learning community in which students will have to question their underlying values and attitudes.

Classes will be operated as businesses, with students engaging interactively to make decisions consistent with corporate and government policies. They will be aware of ethical risks, recommend remedial action and coordinate all ethics briefings and company-wide training. Leadership will shift according to the abilities of those most willing and best able to contribute.

Once the first course has been developed and tested, Miesing plans to work with faculty in the School’s other four departments to develop similar prototype courses. "Our intent," said Miesing, "is to develop this new approach within one department, work out any problems, make any appropriate changes and then expand development. Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the tools that will prepare them to compete effectively in a highly sophisticated, electronically based, information-sharing work environment."

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