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Contents graphic Letters News & Notes Community Connection From the Podium UAlbany's Goldwater Scholars: UAlbany students have claimed an impressive total of nine Barry M. Goldwater scholarships over the years. Besides their academic talent and enthusiasm, the two latest recipients also have a dedicated mentor in chemistry Professor Rabi Musah. By Vera Dordick New Tools to Track Down Crime: The University and the New York State Police have been "next-door neighbors" for decades. Now they're taking advantage of that proximity to train the next generation of forensic molecular biologists. By Paul Grondahl A Story of Courage: Alpha Pi Alpha, founded when a small band of 36 fraternity brothers stared down bigotry, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this fall. By Paul Grondahl A Bridge Across the Pacific: Naoshi Koriyama was once a homesick Japanese youth struggling to earn a degree in English at the New York State College for Teachers. Today, he has quietly achieved international stature as a poet. By Christine Hanson McKnight Rethinking Commencement: UAlbany's reinvented Commencement program this spring will be both celebratory and dignified. By Christine Hanson McKnight Sports

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