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Gifts to Endowments — Supporting the Future

As a vital resource that is integral to the long- term growth and future success of the University, endowments play an increasingly important role. Endowed funds provide the flow of capital necessary to promote educational innovation, provide scholarships, foster scientific research and enhance academic programs at the University at Albany. We are grateful to the following donors who contributed at least $1,000 to the following endowed funds.

Adelaide Schmid Endowed Fund
Estate of Adelaide E. Schmid
Albert Shore Graduate Student
Anthony M. Gisolfi Fund
Peter A. Gisolfi
Coach Bob Ford Football Scholarship
John D. Bertuzzi
Cathy Bertolino Hoey Scholarship
Elizabeth R. Breeze
Dorothy Christiansen Enrichment Fund
Dorothy Christiansen
Dorothy M. West ‘27 Scholarship Fund
Estate of Dorothy M. West
Douglas M. Hastings Music Award
Geoffrey S. Hastings
George S. Hastings, Ph.D.
Rada K. Hastings
The Gloria R. DeSole Fund for IFW
Gloria R. DeSole, Ph.D.
The Ann Gustin IFW Scholarship for Women in Law & Government
Patricia E. Salkin, Esq. ‘85
Merlin W. Hathaway Memorial Scholarship
Eleanor R. Hathaway
Helen Horowitz Scholarship Fund
Karen Hanovice Hogan
Helena U. Whitaker Scholarship Fund
Estate of Raymond J. Whitaker
History Department Endowment
Dr. Matthew H. Elbow
Honoring Our Mothers IFW Fund
Kedron Barson
Bianca Carter
Sue R. Faerman, Ph.D.
Shirley J. Jones, Ph.D.
Katherine Shooks
Loretta B. Smith
Kathleen A. Turek
Initiatives for Women Endowment
Jack’s Fund
NKR & Associates, Inc.
Joan E. Schulz Lecture on Feminism, Knowledge and Pedagogy
John T. Ray
Joan E. Schulz, Ph.D.
Lillian Barlow IFW Scholarship
Judith E. Barlow, Ph.D.
Louise & Earl Applegate IFW Scholarship
Meredith Butler
Marjorie Ferrugio Delmar ‘58 Fund for Education
Marjorie Ferrugio Delmar ‘58 Fund for Jewish Studies
Marjorie Delmar ‘58
Miriam Snow Mathes Fund
Miriam Snow Mathes ‘26
Mark B. Taylor Endowed Scholarship
Mark B. Taylor
Mary M. Briggs Scholarship Fund
Mary M. Briggs
Erica and Michael Olin Scholarship
Erica and Michael Olin
Morris Altman Undergraduate Scholarship
Altman Charitable Fund
Nolan Altman
Ralph W. Harbison Fellowship
William Harbison
Irene Harbison
Josephine Harbison
Stephen A. Rosenberg Endowment
Haskell Rosenberg
Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Scholarship
Lawrence and Marie Shore
The Taimour Khan ‘94 Memorial Scholarship
KPMG Disaster Relief Fund
Howard and Cecily Wachtel Scholarship in History
Peter G. Weinstock
Craig L. Weinstock
vAndrew D. Weinstock
Lynda Hamilton


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