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The Downtown Campus:
Glorious Past, Proud New Role

The downtown campus - the original home of the New York State College for Teachers - now houses four of the University's outstanding graduate programs, each of them nationally recognized..

By Christine Hanson McKnight


Big Breakthrough
on a Tiny Scale

IBM pledges $100 million in support to the University,
the largest gift in UAlbany history and the single largest donation ever for IBM. What will it mean to the campus and the region?

By Mary Fiess


Heros and Heroines

The University salutes its veterans with the unveiling of a 36-foot-long Wall of Honor. The mural incorporates the names of nearly 3,000 alumni, students, faculty and staff who served in the military beginning in 1846 and covering six major U.S. wars, as well as peacetime duty.

By Paul Grondahl

The Census:
We're Still Separate & Unequal

The U.S. is far more racially and ethnically diverse
than we were in 1990, University sociologist John Logan says, but we are still as segregated a nation today as we’ve ever been.

By Claudia Ricci


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