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About Us

The Program on Local and Intergovernmental Studies (POLIS) seeks to advance productive intergovernmental systems, connect intergovernmental professionals, and serve as an information resource for governments and their partners. POLIS engages in objective inquiry into intergovernmental systems and effective practices. With particular emphasis on state-local and intermunicipal collaboration, we highlight the interdependent nature of government, stressing the ways that programs and information are coordinated, and cooperation achieved

Sydney Cresswell Sydney Cresswell
Michael Hattery

Michael R. Hattery
Associate Director


Michael Landon
Research Associate


Joseph Martin
Graduate Research Assistant

  Matthew W. O'Neil
Research Assistant

Program on Local and Intergovernmental Studies
Affiliated Scholars


David Andersen - Distinguished Service Professor
System Dynamics and Public Policy
(518) 442-5280 |


James W. Fossett - Associate Professor, RIG | 518-443-5846


Yvonne D. Harrison - Assistant Professor, Milne 111 | 518-442-4001


Terry Maxwell - Associate Professor and Chair, Information Studies
Information Policy and Management, Intergovernmental Studies
(518) 442-5126 |


Robert Purtell - Assistant Professor
Public Finance and Fiscal Policy
(518) 442-5276 |


Todd Swanstrom - E. Desmond Lee Professor of Community Collaboration and Public Policy, University of Missouri, St. Louis (Urban Policy)
(314) 516-5259 |


Jordan Wishy - PhD, POLIS Fellow
Public Law and Politics, Intergovernmental Studies
(518) 772-3778 |