Personal checks for more than $110 are no longer being accepted by the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services. We will accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover on-line and in our office. The following payment methods may be used to pay for decals, temporary registrations, or tickets*: cash, personal checks under $110.00, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and most debit cards. Visa, Mastercard and Discover may also be accepted over the phone. *Note that if your vehicle has been towed, personal checks will NOT be accepted for payment of outstanding fines.

Parking at the apartments (Liberty, Empire, Freedom) your parking permit must reflect thatIf you move from a quad into one of the apartments you need to return your parking permit and replace it with a parking permit that reflects the apartment.

Decal Ownership is NOT transferable. Affix decal(s), as instructed, to the passenger side of the windshield on the vehicle, opposite the registration/inspection sticker.

The individual to whom the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services issued a vehicle registration decal will be held responsible for all parking violations issued to any vehicle bearing the vehicle registration decal. That individual will also be responsible for all parking violations issued to their vehicle and vehicles belonging to family members. It is your responsibility to inform family and friends of the parking rules and regulations. The operator of a vehicle parked on campus is presumed to be affiliated with the University. Responsibility for parking violations cited to a vehicle will lie with the owner or family member of the owner affiliated with the University. The person affiliated with the University is held responsible for parking tickets issued to family members' vehicles.

If your license plate number changes (even if your vehicle does not), you MUST bring your decal to the Office of Parking and Mass Transit (park your vehicle in a "Parking Business Only" space while inside the Office of Parking and Mass Transit) and obtain a new one with the NEW license plate. The plate indicated on the decal must match the plate on the vehicle.

Immobilization Policy
Effective Spring 2012, Parking Management has adopted an Immobilization Policy where a boot device may be attached to any vehicle where the patron owes $100 or more in fines. The owner or registrant of an immobilized vehicle will have three (3) days to contact Parking Management to settle the fines and pay the removal fee of $ 50 to have the device removed. After three days, the University reserves the right to tow the vehicle from campus. The implementation of the Immobilization Policy is designed to assist owners and registrants of vehicles at the University at Albany in avoiding the cost, anguish and inconvenience that accompanies having their vehicle towed from campus for excessive parking violations. We strongly encourage the owners or registrants of all vehicles immobilized for excessive parking violations to take advantage of the Immobilization Policy and the convenience to settle their parking fines here on campus prior to their vehicles being towed.

Decal Replacement
If you get a new vehicle or change your license plate for any reason, bring your current decal back and register your new vehicle for $5. Only if you return your current decal will you get your replacement for $5. All other replacements will be $25 .00.   University members are responsible for obtaining a replacement decal if the license plate and/or vehicle information changes in any way.
STOLEN DECALS will be replaced at no charge upon receipt of a copy of the original police report. All stolen decals/permits will be placed on a "Hot Sheet" and vehicles found displaying them will be ticketed and towed. 

Apply to the Office of Parking and Mass Transit Services for refunds of PARKING FEES. Refunds are issued ONLY for semesters not yet begun. Any outstanding account must be paid in full before issuance of refund. Pro-rated refunds of the COMPREHENSIVE FEE are issued automatically by the
Office of Student Accounts and mailed to eligible students who withdraw from the University.

University parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Therefore, vehicles parked on campus must display either a valid decal or a temporary tag to avoid receiving parking violation tickets.

 On January 1, 2010 changes in fines and late charges went into effect.
Learn more about charges and fines.

Meters are available to students/faculty-staff/visitors for short-term priority parking in areas of high demand on campus. Meters are in effect from 8am - 8pm Monday through Thursday, and 8am - 5pm on Fridays. During these hours, patrons may park in these spaces ONLY for the amount of time purchased. $0.25 for 15 minutes. Meters accept quarters only. University permits (including Special Permit) are NOT valid at meters. 


Location Time Limit
Quads 60 minutes
Podium and all other areas 30 minutes